Yang Yang Postdoc in theoretical chemistry at Yale University
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  • My name is Yang Yang, so my first name and my last name are the same in English. However, they are different in Chinese. My last name, "杨", which comes first in Chinese, is a very common family name in China. It is so common that my PhD advisor also has this last name. :) My first name, "阳", means the Sun. It also stands for the bright side of something. You might have ever heard about "Yin and Yang" in Chinese philosophy, and actually that is the same "Yang" as I have in my name. You can see how my name is written in Chinese (both simplified and traditional) from the above slide show.

    I was born on November 02, 1989. It is a year of snake in Chinese Zodiac, and in the Western Zodiac, that date belongs to the Scorpius constellation, which is the southernmost one in the zodiac. I have put in the above slide a picture of this constellation with the splendid Milky Way.

    My hometown is Tai'an, a famous tourist city in eastern China. Tai'an is well known for Mountain Taishan, a mountain with long history and rich cultural heritage. Mountain Taishan is usually considered to be the foremost one among the "Five Great Mountains" in China. From the second picture in the slides, you can find out the position of Tai'an and a picture of Mountain Taishan.

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